How Chiropractors Help Treat Lower Back Pain for Pregnant Women

Low back pain is common enough in pregnancy that saying that 50 percent of all pregnant women experience it is considered a modest estimate. However, we should never mistake a pain that is common for a pain that belongs. The truth is that back pain is a sign that something is off balance during pregnancy. There are many reasons why pain and inflammation can radiate from the lower back. Here’s a look at some common causes of low back pain during pregnancy:

  • As the body release hormones in preparation for delivery, joints and ligaments will loosen and soften.
  • As the belly and hips expand to accommodate a growing baby, a pregnant woman’s center of gravity shifts.
  • General weight gain can add pressure to the back.
  • The baby’s position may be putting extra pressure on the lower back.
  • Changes in posture.
  • Stress.

During pregnancy, it’s not necessary to wait until pain shows up in the lower back to begin chiropractic treatments. Many women find that continual chiropractic care helps them to adjust before pain and injury can occur. What’s more, learning proper posture techniques to accommodate a changing body can create flexibility and bodily awareness that prevent injury.

Prenatal Chiropractic Care Offers Natural Pain Relief During Pregnancy

The biggest benefit of receiving chiropractic care for many women is that it helps to relieve pain. This is important for women seeking drug-free, noninvasive options for relieving aches and pains. Here’s a look at how chiropractors help to prevent and relieve low back pain during pregnancy:

  • Identifying the root cause of the pain.
  • Using adjustments that prevent tightness.
  • Utilizing pelvic exercises if a weakened pelvic floor is not giving your lower back the support it needs.
  • Addressing joint misalignments.

Relieving nerve compression that can easily occur due to the added weight of pregnancy.

When receiving chiropractic care, 52 percent of patients in a 2014 study reported improvements within one week. By the end of a single month, that was up to 70 percent. While some causes of back pain during pregnancy can be neutralized, others are more difficult to control. There is very little that anyone can do about the fact that hormonal changes make joints and ligaments softer during pregnancy. However, using chiropractic care to increase flexibility can help pregnant women to prevent slips, falls and sprains that can result from stepping with too much force.

When Should a Pregnant Woman See a Chiropractor?

Many expectant mothers begin routine chiropractic visits during the first trimester. While prenatal chiropractic care is considered perfectly safe for nearly all pregnant women, it’s important to let a chiropractor know that you’re expecting prior to your visit. Choosing a chiropractor with a specialty in prenatal chiropractic care is even better. Generally, chiropractic care for low back pain can be utilized all throughout a pregnancy up until it’s time to deliver. Many women find that chiropractic care actually primes them for easier, faster deliveries.

Planning a Pregnancy Without Low Back Pain

For 20 years, Dr. Tiffani Fries and the Genesis Chiropractic team have been offering prenatal chiropractic care for our patients throughout Salt Lake City, Utah; Millcreek, Utah; and Holladay, Utah. Don’t let low back pain rob you of your vitality and mobility during pregnancy. For more information about treatments for low back pain in pregnant women, contact Genesis Chiropractic or book your appointment.