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Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are an all too common component of playing sports. They are usually the result of some type of forceful impact. These Soft Tissue injuries can be quite painful and slow to heal. Other common sports injuries are due to overuse or repetitive motion.

Sports Chiropractic services can not only help the athlete heal faster, but they can also help prevent future injuries and boost performance. This noninvasive, drug-free, natural treatment can provide relief no matter what level of athlete you are.

For many years now, Olympic Teams and professional sports organizations have had a Sports Chiropractor with them full time. They recognize that the natural healing powers of this specialty can keep their athletes healthier and at the top of their game.

What to Expect from Sports Injury Care

Sports Chiropractic treatments are usually a combination of spinal adjustments, massage, exercises, cold/hot therapy, and traditional physical therapy. They can also include nutrition counseling. It is important that after the first 48 hours that the joint or other injured area is kept mobile so that muscles don’t begin to atrophy and lose their tone. Range of motion can also be affected without movement.

What Can Sports Injury Chiropractic Help Treat?

Sports injury chiropractic services can help treat the following symptoms and disorders:

  • Inflammation
  • Swelling
  • Dislocation
  • Range of Motion Deficit
  • Pain and Discomfort
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Soft Tissue tears
  • Surgical Recovery

Frequently Asked Questions about Sports Injuries

RICE is a good idea for the first 24 to 48 hours. It is effective for bringing down swelling and relieving pain. After that, it is important to get the injured area moving before it stiffens up and you lose range of motion.

No. You should consult an ER or physician. There is always the possibility that something is broken. It is also possible that your soft tissue injury is more serious than just a sprain or a strain. They must rule out injuries such as torn ligaments and ruptured tendons in addition to fractures.

If you do see a chiropractor first and he or she suspects a major injury, you will receive a referral to a specialist such as an orthopedic surgeon. If you do have to have surgery, incorporating chiropractic care into your recovery will help you recover more completely and get back to your peak condition.

That depends on the patient and the injury. Some sprains and strains can take four to six weeks to heal completely. If you have to have surgery or your injury is more serious, your recovery time will be longer.

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