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The term neuropathy is a cover-all term for any damage to nerves outside of the brain and spinal cord. It is officially called Peripheral Neuropathy because it affects the peripheral nervous system most frequently.

Neuropathy is a very different pain. It can best be described as a burning pain. It affects all types of nerves. The pain can be either acute or it can be chronic. Its basic cause is from pressure being applied to the nerve that is uneven. This can only occur due to spinal subluxation.

Neuropathy affects more than 20 million Americans. It is the result of a large number of different injuries, conditions, and diseases. Peripheral neuropathy can be easily controlled without medication or invasive procedures through chiropractic treatment.

What Can You Expect from Neuropathy Treatments?

Once your chiropractor has done a physical examination and carefully listened to your symptoms and concerns, they will outline a treatment plan for you. The plan will center around treatment activities that will alleviate the pressure from the nerve.

As your chiropractor adjusts your spine to take pressure off the nerve, you will feel relief in short order. Chiropractic treatment will also serve to reduce the severity of the damage to the nerves involved.

What are some Neuropathy Symptoms?

Neuropathy can present itself through a variety of different symptoms, including:

  • Burning pains
  • Overall weakness
  • Numbness or pins and needles
  • Sensitivity to touch
  • Muscle spasms
  • Lack of coordination
  • Bladder or bowel issues
  • Headaches & Migraines

Neuropathy Frequently Asked Questions

Neuropathy has several potential causes. In general, it is due to a misalignment of the spine or trauma that places pressure on nerves. It can be due to unspecified damage to the nerves or as a result of a traumatic injury. Neuropathy can be due to autoimmune diseases, diabetes, infections, tumors, kidney or over disease, or bone marrow ailments. It could also be a side-effect of alcoholism, toxicity from poisons, medications, and vitamin deficiency.

If neuropathy goes untreated, the patient would have unrelenting burning pain, muscle atrophy, paralysis, or a malfunction or failure of the organs.

The three types of nerves are motor nerves, sensory nerves, and autonomic nerves. Each of these nerve types has a different function within the body. All types of nerve work together to transfer messages from the brain to the necessary body functions. Nerve responses can either be purposeful or automatic. An autonomic response would be like taking a breath, while a more purposeful use would be to take a step forward.

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