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The Functional Model of Medicine: Where Science Meets the Patient Experience

What is functional medicine? A patient-centered approach to wellness, the functional medicine model of care allows patients to receive personalized, empowering care while making informed health choices based on their health history, health goals, and personal experiences. It is focused on identifying and addressing the root causes of diseases, illness, and pain within the body.

Unlike many approaches to care that simply focus on alleviating symptoms, the functional medicine model views all of the body’s systems as a “whole” to discover underlying metabolic activities that may be contributing to illness. The functional model of medicine is rooted in science, curiosity, and respect for the patient. In studies, the functional model of medicine demonstrates substantial benefits for health-related quality of life.

If you’ve grown frustrated with traditional methods of care that aren’t allowing you to get to the root of illness, functional medicine can feel like a “breath of fresh air.” While not every medical practice offers access to the functional model, demand for holistic, integrated care that accounts for the “whole patient” is growing. Take a look at what you can expect when you seek out a more in-depth model of health care.

What Are the Goals of Functional Medicine?

At the core of functional medicine is the goal of identifying underlying causes of illness based on each patient’s unique health history. . Providers following this model understand that illness can be the result of more than one underlying cause. When pursuing a diagnosis, functional medicine providers take the following factors into account when evaluating each patient:

  • Your genes.
  • Your environment.
  • Your lifestyle.
  • Your health history including labs and previous testing.

The goal is not necessarily to “suppress” symptoms of illness. By contrast, functional medicine operates on the idea that identifying and treating the underlying cause of symptoms will cause those symptoms to subside while also bringing the body back into balance for sustainable long-term health.

The Multidisciplinary Angle of Functional Care

As part of the “whole patient” approach to care, the functional medicine model relies on various types of diagnostics and testing to deliver relevant, effective results. Each patient is supported in their health journey through individual education on eating the proper foods related to their condition, lifestyle, behavioral health, physical movement, supplement support and much more. Wellness takes a team because a person’s health is multifaceted!

What Conditions Can Functional Care Treat?

First, it’s important for patients to know that nothing has to be “wrong” for them to utilize the benefits of the functional medicine model. Many patients use the functional approach as a tool for wellness and preventative care. However, the functional medicine model can be extremely beneficial for people suffering from a wide variety of illnesses and chronic conditions. For some patients, the search for answers through a proper diagnosis lasts for years until they are able to identify the root cause of physical dysfunction with help from functional medicine providers. While a patient may have an accurate diagnosis when coming to the functional medicine model, they are unable to make meaningful progress in managing or curing their condition using traditional medicine. Here’s a look at some of the conditions that are commonly treated using functional medicine:

  • Inflammation.
  • Autoimmune diseases.
  • Thyroid disorders.
  • Mood and mental health conditions in both children and adults
  • Asthma and respiratory issues.
  • Food allergies.
  • Environmental allergies.
  • Diabetes.
  • Insulin resistance.
  • Digestive disorders.
  • Adrenal disorders.
  • Chronic stress.
  • Hormone Imbalances
  • Weight Loss
  • Hashimoto’s autoimmune thryoid
  • Arthritis.
  • Cardiovascular disease.
  • Fibromyalgia
  • PMS.
  • Menopause symptoms.
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Using a systems-oriented approach with an emphasis on personalized patient care, the functional medicine model allows people to understand the diseases and conditions that are plaguing them. Providers take time to communicate the underlying biological activities that are taking place to create symptoms. The patient is also provided with tools for actively taking part in their own path to healing.

What to Expect When You Seek Care From a Functional Medicine Practitioner

Functional medicine is for every person at any stage of their wellness journey. The first step is a consultation with a care provider to discuss your reason for seeking a holistic approach to wellness. The next steps in the process include:

  • Reviewing your personal health history.
  • A physical examination.
  • Specialized, patient-specific diagnostic tests.
  • Identifying your unique health and wellness goals.
  • Discussing treatment options.
  • Developing a personalized treatment plan.

At each phase of care, your biochemical individuality will be considered. That means that a plan of care that works for another patient with the same medical condition won’t necessarily be the default plan of care for you. The interconnections of your physiological and lifestyle factors will be used as baselines for creating an effective plan for long-term wellness.

How Do I Find a Functional Medicine Doctor in Holladay, Millcreek, or the Greater Salt Lake City Area?

Dr. Tiffani Fries, DC of Genesis Chiropractic, has been helping patients heal their chronic health conditions through the Functional Medicine approach since 2002.  Genesis Chiropractic is a gateway to Functional Medicine for patients right here in Utah focused on providing patient-centered individualized care. Our team uses a unique approach that integrates multiple treatment methods to uncover the underlying causes of your pain.

We understand that every person has a unique health journey, and Dr. Tiffani Fries DC, takes the time to give each patient the care and attention they deserve. If you’re located in Holladay, Salt Lake City, Millcreek, or any of the surrounding areas, Genesis Chiropractic and Dr. Tiffani Fries, DC is here to help you feel empowered about living a healthier life. For more information about Functional Medicine in Utah, contact Genesis Chiropractic to book your appointment.

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