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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance?

Yes! We are providers for many of the major plans.

What techniques do you practice?

Gentle adjusting – drop table, diversified, and activator.

Do you take x-rays when necessary?


What type of education and training do you have?

I have 23 years of experience focusing on Chiropractic Biophysics for spinal alignment correction, Webster technique for prenatal adjusting, and training through the Institute of functional Medicine for FM training. Lots and lots of classes!

What happens on my first appointment?

We will do a thorough consultation and history of the injury. We will do x-rays if needed. We will do an adjustment and necessary physiotherapies to start the healing process. We take the time needed for the patient to understand their injury, answer questions and how chiropractic care can help them get better and back to daily life!

How do I schedule an appointment?

Call, text or book online

What is an Adjustment?

It is gentle, specific force applied to a joint of the spine (or extremity) to increase proper range of motion, mobility of the joints and restore proper position of the joint.

Are chiropractic adjustments safe?

Yes – for all ages! I apply force specific to the patient and their spinal needs.

What makes the sound during adjustments?

It is due to gasses released by the joint when force is applied. Not all adjustments produce the loud sound.

Can I receive chiropractic care while pregnant?

Yes! We follow the Webster technique.

How long will I need chiropractic care?

We will put together a time specific treatment plan specific to your spinal condition. Length of time varies per individual. Our goal is to get you better and back to normal activities as quickly as possible.

How often will I have to see Dr. Fries?

Each person has individual spinal needs and a treatment plan will be put together to address the number of visits and length of time.

Where are you located?
We are located below Highland Drive in Holladay. We are on the south side of 4500 south in the 2 story professional office building. We are less than 10 minutes off of I-15. We have a big parking lot with generous parking spaces.

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