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Sciatica Pain

When there is a problem with the sciatic nerve, such as an impinged nerve in your back or a herniated disc, the pain can seem overwhelming. Sciatica pain is easily identified from its tell-tale pain that starts in your lower back or butt and shoots down your legs.

If you have this type of pain and it lasts longer than a week, you may want to see your medical doctor for diagnosis. Once that diagnosis is made, Genesis Chiropractic can take over your case and help you feel better.

Sciatica pain typically occurs as a result of any irritation to the sciatic nerve. This is usually the result of a herniated or bulging disc, or even a bone spur. If you feel like you are experiencing Sciatica pain, contact Dr. Tiffani Fries.

What Can You Expect from Sciatica Treatments?

Chiropractic treatment of Sciatica includes a gentle spinal adjustment to correct the subluxation in your spine. The adjustment might include some hot or cold therapy, massage, simple stretches, or a full-scale physical therapy session.

The underlying cause of your Sciatica will affect the types of treatment you receive. The level of your pain will also dictate how your chiropractor will choose to proceed.

What Symptoms and Conditions Can be Treated?

  • Lower back pain, usually favoring one side
  • Pain that shoots from your lower back down into your legs
  • Pain in your hips
  • Weakness or numbness in your legs or lower back
  • Constant pain on one side of your butt
  • Burning pain or a tingling sensation
  • Pain that shoots all the way down to your feet

Sciatica Pain Frequently Asked Questions

If Sciatica goes untreated or if treatment is delayed, you run the risk of developing permanent and serious damage to the Sciatic nerve. If you seek treatment within a week of a Sciatic nerve event starting, you can fully recover in six to twelve weeks.

A diagnosis of Sciatica is made from a combination of a physical examination, your symptoms, medical history, and any films or images your doctor chooses to confirm the diagnosis. This will also confirm the cause of your Sciatica. The most telling symptom of Sciatica is the pain that shoots down your leg, often all the way down to your foot.

The first thing you should do is to try to relax. Hot or cold therapy for the first 24 hours and any stretches that might have helped you in the past. If you have been prescribed muscle relaxers for this condition in the past, you might feel better if you take one.

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