When to Start Prenatal Chiropractic Care Treatments

If you’re expecting, you may also be wondering what to expect in terms of wellness timelines. Many women decide to incorporate prenatal chiropractic care into their overall plans for pregnancy wellness. However, women who aren’t already working with a chiropractor before becoming pregnant are often unsure about when they should book their first appointments.

The answer is that there is generally no wrong or right time to begin chiropractic care when you’re expecting. Typically, pregnant women will schedule an initial chiropractic prenatal appointment at some point during the first trimester. It’s common to see a chiropractor once per month during the first trimester. For women suffering from extreme nausea or discomfort, more frequent visits may be helpful.

Many women find that increasing visits as they move into the second and third trimesters can be helpful for keeping up with all of the various physical and hormonal changes that are occurring. If you have any reasons to be concerned about preexisting health issues or a high-risk pregnancy, discuss your desire to seek prenatal chiropractic care with your doctor prior to booking your first chiropractic appointment.

How a Prenatal Chiropractor Helps During the First Trimester

One of the most common reasons why women visit chiropractors during the first trimester of pregnancy is nausea. Through spinal alignment, chiropractors help to get the nervous system in optimal condition to keep hormones in balance.

Additionally, many pregnant women find that adjustments help to alleviate blockages in the digestive system that can cause nausea, indigestion, heartburn and bloating during pregnancy.

How a Prenatal Chiropractor Helps During the Second Trimester

As body changes become more obvious, many pregnant women begin to feel a shift in their centers of gravity. Added weight in the center of the body can put strain on the lower back. In studies, 75 percent of pregnant patients who received chiropractic care during their pregnancies stated that they found relief from pain.

Additionally, hormones in the body that loosen joints and ligaments to accommodate a growing baby in preparation for delivery can create pain and injury. It’s actually quite easy to become injured by applying too much force when walking or working out once the body has “softened” due to a hormone called relaxin.

Techniques that focus on alignment and flexibility can be essential for retaining strength and resiliency as the pregnancy weeks go on. This is a prime time to begin seeing a chiropractor to manage pain and discomfort caused by both hormones and changing body composition.

How a Prenatal Chiropractor Helps During the Third Trimester

During the third trimester, chiropractic care can continue to help with pain and discomfort resulting from the weight and pressure of a baby. Additionally, chiropractic techniques can be used to help a mother prepare for an easier, faster delivery.

It is also common to seek chiropractic care during the third trimester if a baby is in the breech position. Chiropractic techniques like the Webster technique have proven effective for turning babies around without medical intervention by relieving the musculoskeletal causes of intrauterine constraint.

You Deserve to Feel Comfortable and Strong During Your Pregnancy

Many pregnant women find that using chiropractic care to address the changes that occur throughout nine months of pregnancy helps them to feel stronger and healthier during both pregnancy and delivery.

Continuing chiropractic care during the postnatal phase also helps women to retain the strength and flexibility they need when caring for a baby. Dr. Tiffani Fries and the Genesis Chiropractic team have been specializing in prenatal chiropractic care since 2002.

We routinely see expectant moms from areas all throughout Salt Lake City, Utah; Millcreek, Utah; and Holladay, Utah. How can we support you through your pregnancy? For more information about prenatal chiropractic care treatments, contact Genesis Chiropractic or book your appointment.