Stress Migraine Treatment in Salt Lake City

Certain frequently occurring headaches like migraines can become debilitating over time. In fact, researchers estimate that over 38 million people suffer from migraines with that number rising every year. Migraines are diagnosed in females more than men, and this health ailment is now considered by some to be the 6th leading disability in the world.

We explain the available treatments that are now available for adequately treating those bothersome migraine symptoms. Some can avoid strong medications that come with their own negative side effects that most people do not want to deal with on a regular basis.

What Things Trigger Stress Migraine Symptoms?

There are a number of things that are known to trigger migraine symptoms. Knowing what triggers tend to result in migraines can help sufferers prevent some of their headache symptoms by avoidance and/or prompt appropriate treatment.

Stress is considered the most common trigger for migraine symptoms, and some migraine experts caution that stress is the causative factor for roughly 70% of people diagnosed with migraines according to a chiropractor in Millcreek, Utah. More triggers for migraines include:

  • Stress
  • Hormonal Changes – More Prevalent in Women
  • Sleep Schedule Changes or Inconstant/Irregular Sleep Habits
  • Too Much Alcohol & Caffeine
  • Diet
  • Weather Related
  • Certain Smells
  • Medication Overuse/Abuse or Side Effects
  • Illnesses & Dehydration – Sinus Infections, Flu, Colds or Allergies
  • Sensitivity to Light

How Are Stress Migraines Different From Other Headaches?

Although a migraine is considered a type of headache, there are some key differences between other headaches and true stress migraine headaches that should be investigated in order to get the best remedy and prevention strategies.

Most headaches will involve feeling some pressure in the head area that can be mild or more serious in nature. Sinus type headaches often occur with accompanying symptoms like head/nasal congestion, difficulty breathing through nose, under-eye pain or swelling near the upper cheek region.

Migraines differ and usually occur with other symptoms often not seemingly related to the headache itself. Migraine symptoms include:

  • Nausea and/or Vomiting
  • Pain Located Behind One Eye/Ear
  • Light Sensitivity
  • Visual Changes
  • Temporary Vision Loss
  • More Severe Temple Pain
  • Sensitivity to Sounds
  • Available Short Term Migraine Solutions

Short-term migraine solutions include strong pain relief medication, avoidance of triggers and rest in dark/quiet room.

Effective Long Term Migraine Solutions

Effective long-term migraine solutions include healthier lifestyle, better diet, avoidance of caffeine, alcohol or foods that trigger an allergic response. Nutraceuticals, health supplements, allergy testing and chiropractic care in addition to functional medicine therapies can all be good stress migraine treatments and preventative measures. Stress reduction techniques are also recommended.

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