Feel Compressed? The Benefits of Spinal Decompression Treatments

Many people complain of ongoing and chronic back pain that often negatively impacts their life. There are many causes of back and other body pain that should be investigated before attempting treatment advises one experienced Holladay, Utah chiropractor.

Spinal compression occurs when something creates substantial pressure on the spinal cord. This can result in severe back and/or neck pain or stiffness, pain radiating towards the arms and legs, known as sciatica, and weakness or numbness in arms, hands, legs and/or feet.

Common Possible Causes of Spinal Compression Pain & Symptoms

There are a number of possible causes of spinal compression and its related symptoms. The pain is a result of the sensitive nerves that travel down the spinal cord becoming compressed due to the protective vertebrae being pressed down in some fashion.

Common causes of spinal compression include a tumor on or pressing on the spine, osteoarthritis and other arthritis types, a number of bone diseases, traumatic injuries to the spine area, scoliosis or abnormal spine alignment or some type of infection impacting that region.

Understanding How Spinal Compression Causes Symptoms

A premier Millcreek, Utah based chiropractor offers effective spinal decompression treatments designed to relieve that pressure on the spinal column and help improve or prevent certain symptoms of spinal compression. These symptoms may also include poor hand coordination, numbness, cramping or weakness of extremities, foot drop, issues with sex, irregular gait or limp among many others.

Severe symptoms of spinal compression may involve increasing numbness in lower extremities, loss of bladder or bowel control and severe pain development in one or both legs making it very difficult and painful to stand or walk.

What Are Spinal Decompression Treatments Anyway?

There are more reliable spinal decompression treatments these days. These treatments include surgical procedures intended to relieve the pressure being exerted on the spine such as tumor removal and other measures.

Many people diagnosed with spinal compression can be helped with non-surgical spinal decompression treatments like chiropractic manipulations, gentle exercise and physical therapies designed to “stretch out” the spine and back in a safe manner.

Other treatments include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, support braces, acupuncture and effective therapeutic massage.

How Beneficial Spinal Decompression Treatments Work

Leading chiropractors from Salt Lake City, Utah, strongly recommend undergoing beneficial spinal decompression treatments both to relieve current pains and other discomforts and to help prevent any future problems from developing.

These treatments generally work by stretching and extending the spinal cord out through gentle exercise, massage and chiropractic manipulation of the spine and strengthening the supportive structures at the same time.

What to Expect During Spinal Decompression Therapy in Utah

Non-surgical spinal decompression therapy in Utah typically involves a type of motorized traction therapy performed by a highly-trained and skilled chiropractor or physical therapist. This is usually done on a specialized table designed to keep the body in alignment during treatment.

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