Can Stress Cause Physical Pain?

Stress has long been dismissed by the medical community as far as patient complaints that they feel more physical or emotional pain during times of extreme or ongoing stress. That begs the question by many, can stress cause physical pain? If so, how does stress create or intensify pain or other body responses?

The Ancient Healing Arts Understood that Stress Can Make People Feel Worse

In some cultures, ancient healers truly understood that emotions and mood changes can impact health in a negative manner. This is why you will find many stress relieving remedies being used along with whatever other medical treatments are being done.

This is especially true in Asian medical practices from generations past. This is where activities such as yoga and meditation were implemented to keep the person less stressed in order to allow the body to naturally heal itself.

Isn’t the Stress Response Supposed to Be Good?

Many people have likely heard about someone in dire danger suddenly being able to run faster, lift heavy objects off of persons and so forth. It is true that the so called “flight or fight” body response is designed to aid humans to get out of whatever trouble that they are currently in. This occurs as the body releases certain stress-related chemical reactions like cortisol and adrenalin.

Chronic Stress Is Bad for Health & May Help Cause Negative Symptoms

Over time, the continued hormonal imbalance will begin to cause the person to develop some harmful and negative symptoms that are known to be bad for health and well-being. Symptoms can include:

  • Overwhelming Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Increased Anxiety & Worries
  • Depressed Mood
  • Headaches
  • Various Body Aches & Pains
  • Gastrointestinal Upset – Vomiting, Diarrhea or Stomach Pain
  • More Frequent Colds & Illnesses
  • Stiff Muscles or Joints
  • Rapid Heart Rate or Abnormal Heart Rhythms
  • Changes in the Endocrine System
  • Exacerbation of Existing Health Conditions Including Pain Levels
  • Extreme Irritable Behaviors & Tenseness

Women May Be More Prone to Stress-Related Physical Pain

In general, women tend to be more emotional than men and women may perceive pain differently. A woman’s body goes through frequent hormonal changes through monthly menstruation cycles, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause. This sets a woman up for more health-related issues that can include physical pain increases.

Woman can benefit immensely from undergoing holistic care, learning effective coping strategies and intensive pain management to get everything balanced and back under control.

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