Vickie’s Recovery Story

“My name is Vicki Westmoreland and I’ve been coming into Genesis Chiropractic for about 15 years. I initially came because I’d had some surgery on my neck and I was having headaches every day, all day, and so now I’m on the Wellness Program which is I come in two times a month I don’t have headaches anymore and I haven’t done since I’ve been seeing Dr. Fries and I love the staff here in the atmosphere and they treat me really well and it’s really helped my body stay healthy and well and I’m flexible and it’s easy for me to do my physical activities as I’ve gotten a little older and I really appreciate all the help they give to me and my mom actually comes as well and she’s 85 and I think that’s really been helpful to her. Thank you.”

Symptoms:Neck Pain, Headaches & MigrainesTreatments:Chiropractic Adjustments