Brenda’s Recovery Story

I’ve been coming to Genesis Chiropractic for about three years, and I come in for a promise with lower back and a lot of it has been associated to knee trouble I’ve had bone-on-bone knees and really Dr. Fries has literally kept me walking during this time and it just does a great job at adjusting, and it always just feels so good when I leave here. I also had another problem in my thyroid last year that she was up able to help detect, I was having all kinds of trouble there, and I’ve been seen when another doctor and I was encouraged to go in for some tests but I didn’t really want to go in and Dr. Fries checked my thyroid out and she said, “Brenda you need to go in and get that test done.” and I’m really glad she did it because it really saved my life, and so I’m really thankful for Dr. Fries and her staff, and I have seen great success here. I’ve been very thankful to have her as a doctor, she’s really great, her staff is great, and I love being a patient here.”

Symptoms:Neck Pain, Back Pain, ThyroidTreatments:Chiropractic Adjustments